Rugs are rightfully considered a versatile and indispensable item at a picnic or just during outdoor recreation. It is convenient to place food and drinks, children’s things, play accessories on such a practical and compact thing. Plus, you don’t have to use it exclusively for picnic storage. On a beautiful and soft rug you yourself will want to lie down, enjoying the fresh air and silence.

This accessory is irreplaceable not only for a picnic, but also during hiking trips. This thing for outdoor recreation is most often called karemat. During a hike, if you get tired, you often want to lie down to rest, gain strength. Here such a necessary thing as a cushion comes to the rescue. And when traveling with an overnight stay in nature, rugs serve as an attribute for organizing a comfortable and safe sleep.

Beach rugs are one of the types of mattresses. They are convenient to take with you in your bag as they do not take up much space. Bright, unusual colors will cheer you up and will also attract the eyes of others.

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