Trekking poles

Trekking poles owe their birth to the Leki company, which released in 1974 the first sports poles designed for walking on uneven terrain, and consisted of several parts folding in the form of a telescopic tube. If we talk about the essence of this innovation, then it was as follows. Trekking poles made it possible to relieve the muscles of the legs and lower body when moving on terrain with elevation changes, for example, during long hikes or walks in the mountains. Modern trekking poles allow you to equally distribute the load over all parts of the body, due to which general fatigue is much less felt and such negative effects as swelling and pain in the leg muscles after long mountain hikes are not allowed. When choosing sticks, one should take into account some anatomical features of each individual and, above all, his physique, height and weight. In order to find exactly what you really need, it is better to consult with a consultant of a sports store who understands his business, and only then choose a specific model of trekking poles. As for the variety of choice, we can safely say that there is no such problem today. It is not difficult to buy trekking sticks in Kiev.

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