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What is a trekking pole ?

a trekking pole is a polelike tool which is used mostly by hikers and climbers to provide assistance and stability in their rhythm across rough and unstable terrain surfaces.

Why need a walking poles?

Reduce stress on back and improve posture Keep your balance and improve stability Reduce compressive force on the knees by up to 25% Acts as a probe to help you assess more about dangerous terrians or shifting surfaces

What parts of a trekking pole

non-slip soft grip handle , excellent adjusting to your hand& absorbing sweat in a natural way

the wrist strap is adjustable to control your pole so that helps enhance your trekking endurance

aerospace-grade aluminum allory provides strength comparable to steel,making our trekkinng poles incredibly durable

the tungsten carbide tip is a durable,general use tip that works for most hikes on dirt and loose gravel.

How to use the walking poles?

1.Open the inner lock, make each section can be freely retractable 2. Pull out or pull back to the desired lengh 3. Turn the pole until it is loked. Do not push too hard PS: Do not exceed the “STOP” sign, otherwise break easily. If the tip in stuck in the stone seam, do not shake it and pull it out vertically as far as possible

bare tips: for ice or packed dirt rubber tips: for flat or rocky surfaces walking cap:for gravel or slippery ground

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Weight 0.6 kg
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1 pcs, 1 pcs black, 1 pcs blue, 1 pcs red, 1 pcs yellow, 2 pcs black, 2 pcs blue, 2 pcs red, 2 pcs yellow

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