Waterproof Camping Mat 140x152cm Nylon Portable Pocket Ultra-light Beach Mat Sand Tourist BBQ Picnic Mat Outdoor Moisture Pad


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Specification: 140 * 152CM (open size)
             10 * 13 * 3 CM (folding size)
This product is made of waterproof coated nylon cloth, foldable, has a handle, ultra-small and light, especially easy to carry. It is a must-have for dining out, and it is really easy to use! The pockets of clothes and pants can fit it completely, and the volume is very small! Can be used as a moisture-proof mat when camping. The product is novel, high-quality, beautiful in appearance, soft and comfortable.
1. Small and light, easy to carry after folding
2. With hand-held webbing, easy to carry
3. Super soft fabric, resistant to dirt
4. The bottom fabric adopts waterproof PE film, with good waterproof performance

Widely used:
1. Outdoors: can be used as a picnic mat, beach mat, moisture-proof mat;
2. At home: can be used as a crawling mat, play mat, sleeping mat for children
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Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 13.0 × 10.0 × 3.0 cm

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Picnic Barbecue



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Picnic Mat